Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome to my genealogy projects

This blog will include results, observations, and opinions about my genealogy projects.  I’m researching my family, my ex-husband’s family (for my kids) and my husband’s family.  Each one has its own set of challenges.

In the early 1960’s my cousin Bobbie and I decided to do a family tree.  It never really got off the ground because our aunts were terrified of the skeletons that would come out of the closet.

Jump ahead 30 years and my younger step-son had begun researching his family.  He got me interested in genealogy again and when he joined the Navy, I continued where he’d left off.  By this time, the internet had been established and was a good research tool.  Genealogy software made it easy to assemble information in a coherent and clear way.  I was hooked.

Best of all, I was living in Boulder, Colorado which gave me easy access to the Denver branch of the National Archives.  I could get to census records, immigration records and ship’s passenger lists.  Although sometimes it was difficult to know exactly what to look for.  I also discovered the wonders of the LDS Family History Centers.  The Mormons have spent years and countless hours microfilming church and government public records from around the world.  All of these are available for viewing at their Family History Centers.  

More and more information is coming available on the net.  Sifting through the sometimes conflicting data is sometimes frustrating but when a gem of information pops up, it is definitely worth the effort. It’s not often easy, but it is addictive.

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