Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Genealigy Do-Over or Go-Over?

On January 1 of this year, Thomas MacEntee has launched a 13 week Genealogy Do-Over project.  The idea is to set aside all of your previous work and begin a new family tree from scratch.  Information can be found at
And Facebook has a Genealogy Do-Over group at

Thomas has created a plan for each of the 13 weeks. This, the first week calls for setting aside old research, preparing to do research and establishing base practices and guidelines.

Participants include both professional and amateur genealogists many of whom have begun by analyzing and modifying their organizational methods.  They’re coming up with new ideas and strategies for organizing files – both digital and paper. They’ll review, add and correct source citations as they build a fresh tree. They are creating a wonderful educational opportunity for the whole genealogy community.

I’ve opted for the Go-Over approach.  I simply don’t have the desire or patience for a complete Do-Over.  Using the methods and ideas of the active participants, my plan is to improve my existing trees and do better research and citation going forward.

Thomas MacEntee posted a great article about slowing down and not frantically chasing after what he calls BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects).  So I’m slowing down.

My first step is to review what I have and identify gaping holes; and there are a couple of big ones. Although I started in 2000 my research has not been continuous. There was a 6 year gap when we retired and went cruising, and then a 9 month gap for cancer treatment. It is very difficult to figure out where to begin again after being away for a length of time.

My search for Dachtera ancestors has centered around Oborniki, Poland; but I just now realized that I’d not looked at microfilms from at least 5 towns very near there.  Maybe that brick wall isn’t so solid after all.

I am very grateful for the help and insights I’m getting from the active participants in this project but I must admit to feeling guilty about taking advantage of their hard work. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to add a contribution to it before it’s over.

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