Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Respect Your Audience – a minor rant

I’ve been watching tutorials for MS Movie Maker. A few of them are produced by Microsoft; but many are produced by user gurus and wannabe gurus. I classify some as “wannabes” because while their knowledge of the product is very good, their presentation skills, well, just plain suck.  Has our culture become so casual that a sloppy presentation manner is thought to be acceptable? 

One individual has produced several Movie Maker tutorials.  I’ve watch two of them and the video presentation is good; but I won’t watch any more of his work because of his careless and unedited narrative.

He burps. He sniffs. It even sounds like he blows his nose. UGH!!!  I can’t listen to him. This man is a social moron! (I did say it is a rant.)

I know that there are many tutorials on many subjects that are very well done by user gurus so I’m not condemning them all  Just the few who have no respect for others.

<<End of Rant>>

And I did manage to get my two StoryPress stories converted to YouTube videos.
War Baby on YouTube

Schipp in Prussian Poland

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  1. I agree with your rant. Just a thought. There are a number of college social media courses that require individuals to make tutorials, blogs, and what-not. I wonder if the poorly crafted ones are part of these school projects. If they are, I admire the teacher for encouraging contribution to the internet knowledge base, but I wish they'd invite students to take down their projects (especially ones with burps).

    If the videos were not part of a class assignment, how truly sad that they don't edit their videos.