Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Next stop: Bohemia

My focus is shifting from my Polish ancestors to the Bohemian ancestors of my children’s father. There’s a brick wall here because the usual sources have not, thus far, identified immigration or naturalization information for their Filek ancestors.

The history of the Czech lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia shows that boundaries changed fairly often as various kings ruled that part of Europe. US census records show this Filek family’s homeland as Bohemia; but what was the land called when they emigrated?  Other searches for Filek show origins as Austria or Hungary. Some say just Czech.  Yet it is possible that many of these people lived in the same region.

I’m studying the history and maps and getting clues from the Facebook Czech Genealogy Group.  Anyone out there have Filek in their family tree?

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  1. Filek is s polish surname and at that to.e was Austria love from Poland