Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unplanned Hiatus

There I was, diligently working on a project on my children’s paternal heritage, when I volunteered to become more active in my local genealogy society, Indian River Genealogical Society.  A chair was needed for the Education Committee. This committee consists of several special interest groups (Genealogy Interest Groups or GIGs in our parlance) and had been running along smoothly without a chair for the past few years.  How hard could it be?

At the same time, I volunteered to lead a new group focusing on genealogy beginners. 

Turned out to be a steeper learning curve than I expected. Getting familiar with and involved in the inner workings of the Society as well as planning the monthly meetings of my beginners group.  February was completely consumed by the two new jobs. Personal research? Not! But I think that things are finally beginning to come together. At least I hope they are.

I’m ready to get back to trying to understand the history of Bohemia and find my kids’ paternal European ancestors. And I’m ready to learn more about genetic genealogy in hopes of finding living distant cousins.

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