Sunday, July 18, 2021

Resuming My Quest


I quit doing genealogy research a couple of years ago because I was just plain burned out.  I simply stopped. Left projects half-done or barely started.  Since then, I’ve dabbled a bit.

Recently I’ve tried looking at my children’s paternal line but have gotten nowhere because I cannot find where they lived in Bohemia in the 19th century. It’s been an exercise in frustration.

Now my cousin, Jeanne, is resuming her research; and that has inspired me to get back to mine.

But how do I begin to pick up the pieces? There are so many of them. Which pieces to pick up first? Can I find where I left off?  Going back to my Bullet Journal should help.

I’d started:

·       A Google earth trip showing my paternal ancestors path from their home in Poland to their new home in St. Paul, MN.

·       A search for possible Polish relatives who settled in Milwaukee and in Buffalo.

·       A story about the times my parents grew up in.

And there are other loose threads, too.

Hints on have shown diminishing results over time.

I think I’ll take a closer look at Smart Matches on My Heritage.

Here goes.

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