Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back to the genealogical sleuthing

I’m baaaaaaaaack! Thought I’d make that announcement even though nobody noticed my absence.

Much happened during my hiatus.  We made the decision to move back to land.  After some needed repairs, we plan to sell the boat. The decision as to where to settle was not difficult.  Although we briefly considered other locations, Vero Beach, FL was always at the top of our list of places to land.  We bought and moved into our condo in June and have spent the past few months making it “home”.  We’d spent parts of several winters in the marina here and already had friends here so we are now CLODs (Cruisers Living On Dirt).

I recently joined the Indian River County Genealogical Society which is a very active group.  The membership is diverse in national heritage and covers the spectrum from highly knowledgeable pros to rank beginners.  The society also has a number of special interest groups that focus on specific nations.  My first meeting of the Polish interest group gave me the keys to treasure troves of data and information.  I’ll discuss that in a separate post.

It’s good to be back at it.

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