Sunday, November 18, 2012

Have I hit the jackpot?

 I may have found gates through a couple of the brick walls I’ve been pounding against.

My mother was able to pinpoint the town where her father lived, but it has been very frustrating trying to find where in Poland my other three grandparents originated.  

On my father’s side, I found towns that had many Dachtera families, but no information about my great grandfather Joseph.  Nor did I find his wife, Magdalena Kaszmarek.  Nor have I been able to identify my paternal grandmother’s father.

Likewise, on my mother’s side, I found no trace in Poland of my great grandfather, Michael Schipp or his wife Elizabeth whose last name is something like Jascinska.

It’s been VERY frustrating.

The Indian River Genealogical Society has several special interest groups based on ancestral countries of origin.  My first attendance at the Polish Interest Group blew my mind.

One of the regulars explained the Polish genealogy sites he’d found. What a gold mine!

 One of those sites led me to The Poznan Project which has indexed marriages in Poznan province. BINGO!!!!! I’ve located three marriages that may be my ancestors, and the towns where I hope to find my three mysteries.  I’ve ordered the LDS microfilms from those parishes where I hope to find ancestors.  My only problem now is patience.  It takes about 3 weeks from the date of the order before the films arrive at their destination.  So sometime in December, I’ll be able to see if I’ve hit paydirt.

If you’re doing Polish research, you might find these sites useful:

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