Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lucky Day! Friday the 13th!

Thanks to the work of the volunteers at The Poznan Project, I was able to identify 2nd and 3rd great grandfathers and brothers of my great grandfather.  Found them all on Friday the 13th!!

The Poznan Project is working to transcribe all 19th century marriages in the Polish province of Poznan. A very efficient search engine looks for either or both bride and groom. I’ve used it successfully searching for 3 of my lines, and finally got around to the 4 of my surnames.

Searching just on Ganas as the groom’s surname, I got 12 matches.  But the best part is that they’re all clustered in a relatively small area.  In some cases the search results include the names of the parents of the bridal couple.  Four of the grooms share the same parents. I ordered LDS films and hit a small jackpot on the first one I viewed.

I found my great grandfather’s 3 brothers, his parents and his grandparents! WOW!

There’s a lot more work to do here but I knocked at least one brick out of one wall.

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  1. Congratulations! So glad you are able to find marriages on that site. It hasn't worked out for me yet with Sievert & Radunz lines.