Friday, July 3, 2015

Another Story Published

My new favorite medium for publishing family history stories is  It is incredibly easy to use. It’s still work to develop the story and find the right images, but it is an order of magnitude easier than doing the same thing for a Youtube video.

The biggest problem is my narration – voice, enunciation, and delivery.  I haven’t won a lottery yet, so I can’t afford to hire a professional reader. And I cannot seem to produce a narration that is more than just adequate. It eventually gets to the point where it’s either publish or go on redoing and revising forever. So it is done – for now.

This story is about my great grandparents Michael and Elizabeth Schipp in Prussian Poland.   You can find it here.  If you watch it, I’ll appreciate your comments and suggestions for improvement

On to the next project

1 comment:

  1. Mary, You did a fabulous job. The images are perfect and your narration kept the flow on an even pace. Few of us have voices for professional narration, but I think your own voice telling the story is a lot more powerful to your family than it would be with a non-family narrator. This post will be on my Recommended Reads that will be published next Friday, the 10th.