Thursday, July 21, 2016

Genealogy Blog Pool Party: A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is…

A Rose is a Rose and its name is probably either John or Solomon

This month’s theme for Elizabeth O'Neal's Genealogy Blog Party is:
 Annoying Ancestor? Push 'Em in the Pool!   Well roses need water so here they go.

Researching my children’s paternal ancestors began easily enough with their grandmother, Mary Irene Rose; but it soon got complicated.

Mary Irene Rose (b1910) was the daughter of
John Rose (b1873) who was the son of
John Rose (b1842) who was the son of
John Rose (b1811) who was the son of
Solomon Rose (b1780) who was the son of
Solomon Rose (b1760) who was the son of
Solomon Rose (b 1731) who was probably the son of
Solomon Rose (Ross?)

At one time, there were 3 generations of Solomon Roses living in Pepperellborough (now Saco), Maine. And their wives were either Sarah, or Sarah called Sally, or Abigail perhaps misspelled as Abigil, or Mary known as Polly.  And, of course, the female names were also passed from one generation to the next.

Confusing?  Frustrating?  Annoying? all of the above.

At this point, I think I have them mostly figured out.  Maybe.


  1. complicated but maybe solution is possible

  2. I agree - it is always 1)Confusing 2) Frustrating and 3) Annoying when families insist on using those same old names all the time and at the same time as close relatives. You'd think with all the choices out there, they could have been a little more adventurous. :)

  3. So many Roses! Almost a garden of ancestors. Push 'em in the pool. One of my husband's family lines has John and Mary repeated in every generation. So I completely understand your frustration.

  4. That is a confusing bunch of Roses to be sure! And yes, very annoying for those trying to sort it all out! Would have been nice if at least the female names had been varied, making it a little easier to distinguish between folks! I join Marian in saying 'push 'em in the pool'!

  5. Have you investigated the naming norms for your family's heritage? Some nationalities/religions/etc., had fairly stringent naming conventions (i.e., the first son is named after so-and-so, the first daughter is named after [fill in the blank], etc.). The ones that drive me nuts are when an older child has died and the parents name a new baby the same as the deceased child. Y-i-k-e-s!

  6. Surely the War of the ROSES...