Thursday, September 29, 2016

Told in a Line – January 23, 1884

The St. Paul and Minneapolis Pioneer newspaper of January 23, 1884 included a feature called “Told in a Line”.  It was simply a list of one-line news items. 
 Some are very straightforward:
West Point has another negro cadet.
The Greely relief bill passed the house.
St. Louis has 8,000 idle iron mill men.

But a few of them are quite curious:
Mrs. Colton has more letters in reserve.
Was she the Vanna White of 1884?
Senator Allison is practically re-ellected
Almost re-elected? Re-elected in a practical manner?
Steubenville, Ohio has caught a wild man.
Jim Nutt was not too insane – just insane enough.
Mrs. Nicholson is feeling for the major’s property.

How insane is “just insane enough”?

And I think this one line tells me more than I want to know about Mrs. Nicholson. Whatever does that one line mean?

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