Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fearless Females 1

I’m getting a late start on Lisa Alzo’s tribute to Women’sHistory Month.  She has a list of blogging prompts to help us get started.  Today’s (5 March) prompt is:

How did they meet?

My parents met in 1st grade at St. Adalbert’s school.   St. Adalbert’s was (and is) one of two Polish Catholic parishes in St. Paul, Minnesota.   Teachers were strict Felician nuns. Photo here  My parents remained in contact with some of them even into adulthood.

My mother was trained by the nuns in classical drawing.  This gave her some special privileges when artwork was needed for the school

My father won a prize for his mathematical talents.

They made their First Communions at the same time.

I wish I knew more about their school days and how their friendship blossomed into love

Ambrose Dachtera - Emily Ganas
September 5, 1936

Fearless female?  Anyone had to be pretty fearless to marry and start a new life in the middle of the Great Depression.

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