Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bullet Journal: Fad or Useful Tool?

It was just over a year ago when Bullet Journals were all the rage. I wonder how many folks who jumped on that bandwagon have since fallen off.

A bullet journal is a concise way of keeping track of your plans and activities. It is not a wordy discussion of your daily life.  In its simplest form it consists of a To Do list accompanied by a Done list. I won’t try to explain it here but here are some descriptive sites:  and this post on BuzzFeed.

For some, it becomes a project in itself with expensive notebooks, fancy paper, and embellishments on every page.  You can spend a ton of money creating one.  Do a Google search on bullet journal and you’ll find images of extravagant notebooks, a how-to video, and lots of other relevant sites.  You can read very complex methods including daily log, monthly log, future log, and an index.  You can follow every aspect of your life.

Mine is much simpler, and its simplicity is what makes it work for me. My bullet journal is solely for genealogy – my personal projects and my job as Education Committee Chair for Indian River Genealogy Society  My total investment was for a vinyl 3-ring binder, paper to fill it, and a pack of tabbed dividers. It doesn’t need to be elegant, it just needs to be useful. I’ve whittled the recommended features down to 3 items.

Projects is a prioritized list of things I’d like to accomplish, both short and long term.

Future Log is a list of projects for the near future – one sheet.

Monthly Log includes a calendar for the month, things I need / want to do this month, and a daily log of what I’ve done.  One or two lines at most.

If you haven’t tried this method of keeping track, I suggest that you give it try.

Whether you make yours very complex

Or simple as mine, it can be a very useful tool

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