Monday, January 15, 2018

Research Shape-up for 2018

How am I going to get my research and goals shaped-up for 2018? I am joining Elizabeth O’Neal’s January Genealogy Blog Party to try to set some goals for this year.

My list of long-term projects has gotten a lot of revision and adjusted priorities.  There are some video stories I hope to do but they’ve been lowered in priority.  Other projects got bumped up on the list.

My main focus, for now, will concentrate on the US. Via Mondays With Myrt, I learned of Val Greenwood’s latest edition of The Researcher’sGuide to American Genealogy. Santa Claus (my daughter) gave me a copy; and now I’m ready to start learning more about the few ancestors who’ve been in the US since before the mid-nineteenth century. 

There are also recently discovered distant relatives who immigrated from Poland in the 19th century and settled in parts of the US that I know nothing about. Its time to learn more about resources in Buffalo and in Pittsburgh.

The list never gets shorter, does it?


  1. Love "Mondays with Myrt" as I learn so much. The list never gets any shorter because we keep expanding our horizons. Good luck with everything in 2018

  2. The 4th edition of Val Greenwood's book is excellent, isn't it? I'm looking forward to DearMyrtle's study group, too.

  3. That's a great read for "shaping up" your genealogy, Mary. I participated in Myrt's class for this book several years ago when she held it in Second Life. Lots of fun - I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. Thank you for adding your post to the January Genealogy Blog Party!