Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Ancestry’s newest revenue stream: Your photos and documents.


This is old news by now. claims ownership of every image on your family tree. This includes photos of people or images of documents that you’ve uploaded, such as letters or personal documents. They reserve the right to use our images for whatever purpose they choose.  

·       Advertising

·       Promotion

·       Educational videos

·       Anything else they want to do with our images.

While I doubt that any of my photos would ever have any commercial value, I resent that they would be appropriated by an organization that has no connection or interest in them other than producing revenue.

I have deleted all photos of people in my tree on Ancestry.

But here’s the thing: If others have added your photos to their trees, those images are still available to Ancestry unless they’ve also been deleted from those other trees.

Several blogger have written about this, but I  think that the best is from Dear Myrtle "

The Sky is Falling, Or Is It? #Ancestry TOS Challenges

Just plain greed.

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