Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Wading in Unfamiliar Waters - WikiTree


Taking a look at a couple of new (to me) things. New tools for my toolbox. I’m just beginning to give them a try. I wonder if they’ll be useful for me.


Community family trees have always been off-putting for me.  While I love Family Search, my tree there is just a stub because I don’t like the idea of others being able to make changes without my approval. WikiTree, however presents itself as a collaborative world tree. My present understanding is that I “manage” the people I put there and others cannot make changes at will.

It is labor intensive because each person must be added individually – a pain if you’re doing manual entry, but it is also time consuming if you upload a large GEDcom file.

That’s what I did. Uploaded a GEDcom with more than 2,000 people. WikiTree then scans its database to find who in your file matches someone they already have. So I ended up with a HUGE table of names from my tree that did not have a match. 

The good news is that you can add people from your file, and all of the information from your GEDcom is added to WikiTree.  At first glance, I could not figure out how the entries in the table were sorted. It seemed to be alphabetical, but there were areas that seemed out of place. I did a lot of scrolling up and down the pages of the table.

In the end, I added my tree up to and including my great grandparents. My patience had evaporated by that time.  I do intend to go back and add my great aunts and uncles

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