Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q is for Questions - A to Z Challenge

Questions are both the bane and the joy of genealogy research.

Pursuing a question and finally finding an answer is a joyful experience. New information about our family is precious and wonderful. But…. For every answer, we also find more questions.  They never stop!  Few answers are definitive. And even those that seem definitive will generally lead to more questions. 

Truth is, it’s the questions that fuel our family history ventures and keep us going. Bring on the questions!


  1. I did not find the name of Dachtera in Minnesota Biographies (published by MHS), so there is probably not going to be any early biographies on your family member. Sad, but that is the case for a lot of early settlers. Sorry, for not having some positive knowledge to share with you on your family!

  2. I didn't find Raczynska either.