Wednesday, April 26, 2017

W is for Why - 2017 A to Z Challenge


Why?  That is the most difficult question that arises in researching family history. With some exceptions, we can usually answer the other four Ws: Who, What, When and Where.  Finding those still leaves with a big empty space in the Why column.

“Why?” is the most interesting part of the search.

Why did they migrate?
Why did they settle where they did?
Why would a young man in the south enlist in the Union Army?
Why did a parent abandon family?
Why didn’t they finish school?
Why did they die so young, or so suddenly?

Why? Why, Why?


  1. I didn't participate in this challenge this year, but have enjoyed your posts. I like that your focus was more on methodology and hints than on surnames of ancestors.

    1. Thanks, Linda. My focus is more on heritage than on lineage. My immigrant ancestors arrived from Poland in the 1880s. I would like to get to know them.