Saturday, April 2, 2016

A to Z Challenge - catching up.

Since I'm starting a day late, on April 2,  this post is both A and B

A is for Ambrose Dachtera, my father.

Born in 1914, the 10th child of Polish immigrant parents.
Ambrose was a devout Catholic who lived his faith. He was a hard-working, self-scarificing, kind and generous man. The best Daddy a girl could have. He will always live in my heart.

B is for Bronislawa, one of my mother's sisters.

Until I started doing family research, I never understood why, even though her name was Bernice, she was known as Aunt Bro; and my grandmother referred to her as Bronie.  My Polish maternal grandparents had all their children baptized with Polish names - some translated easily to English but others did not. They actually used American names throughout their lives so the Polish names were a surprise to me when I found the church records of their baptisms.


  1. Love your mother's sister's name.

  2. Bernice so it means Bronislawa was popular in the past but not now

  3. Interesting! I like how you are using your letters.

  4. Interesting! I am looking forward to the rest.
    All the genealogy bloggers doing the challenge are different, so its fun reading them.
    My Genealogy Challenges

  5. My "A" is Ambrose also!

    Bronislawa is an interesting name. I would have thought Bron would have been her nickname. Bronie works well :)