Saturday, April 23, 2016

A to Z Challenge – T is for Teamster

My maternal grandfather, Ignatz Ganas was a teamster back in the day when the term actually reflected what they did.  They drove teams of horses. He also did some tailoring for private clients.

I wish I knew more about him back then. Was he independent? Did he haul for some specific company or companies?  I do know that he owned his team and a wagon. He died before I was born, but I remember his work / horse shed. When I was a curious child, I badly wanted to explore that shed. It still smelled of the dressed leather tack; it had a grinding wheel and a lot of very interesting looking stuff. Where’s that time machine I keep asking for??


  1. family hisory is always interesting

  2. Mary, I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying your post. We have many similar research experiences.

  3. Such a fascinating theme.
    There are always interesting and colorful characters hidden amongst the family members...

    I'm visiting via the A to Z Challenge.
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    Co-host Assistant on Team Joyful Brigade.